Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson

LGBTQ2S+,  Two-Spirit and Diversity Expert

Keynote: Thursday, April 18

Building Bridges Of Understanding: Fostering Reconciliation And Allyship

Dr. James Makokis and Anthony Johnson, the incredible Two-Spirit couple, come together to shed light on the importance of building bridges of understanding and fostering reconciliation and allyship. Drawing from their experiences and perspectives, they navigate the complexities and relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities and the journey towards healing and unity.

They delve into the historical context of colonization, addressing the deep-rooted impacts of systemic oppression and the ongoing challenges faced by Indigenous communities. They share personal stories of resilience, triumph, and cultural reclamation, highlighting the power of allyship in creating positive change.

Through open and honest conversations, Dr. Makokis and Anthony Johnson challenge participants to examine their own biases, confront stereotypes, and actively work towards dismantling barriers that perpetuate inequality and injustice. They provide practical strategies and tools for fostering meaningful connections, promoting cultural understanding, and becoming effective allies with Indigenous peoples.

With warmth, compassion, and a shared vision for a more inclusive society, Dr. Makokis and Anthony Johnson inspire individuals to embrace their roles as agents of change. They encourage participants to actively engage in the process of reconciliation, standing in solidarity with Indigenous communities and uplifting their voices.

In this empowering presentation, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of building bridges of understanding, fostering reconciliation, and becoming true allies. Their powerful message serves as a call to action, inviting individuals to join the journey toward healing, unity, and a future built on mutual respect, cultural celebration, and social justice.


Anthony Johnson is a Two-Spirit advocate, artist, poet, photographer, cultural documentarian, and strategic analyst whose mission in life is to explore the beauty of the Earth and its inhabitants. A proud Diné of Navajo Nation in Arizona, Anthony was born and raised on a reserve before he found his path through education and traditional teachings and branched out to explore the world. He is lived in many cities across Turtle Island and even had a short stint in Shanghai, China. He graduated from Harvard University in 2009, earning a degree in Economics and Social Anthropology of East Asia.

In 2017, Anthony began a new chapter when he moved to Treaty 6 Territory in Edmonton, Alberta. That same year, he married his husband, Dr. James Makokis, during the BMO Harris Vancouver Marathon. The pair later introduced themselves to Canada and the world when they triumphantly won Season 7 of The Amazing Race Canada, using the platform to raise awareness for challenges that Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+ and Two-Spirit individuals face.

Today, Anthony serves as a Project Coordinator in Kehewin Cree Nation. His work is centered on revitalizing Traditional Cree birthing practices, medicines, and ceremonies following the Cree 7 Stages of Life philosophy. As an aspiring filmmaker, Anthony understands the transformative power of storytelling and channels it into promoting healing and understanding. He continually advocates for Indigenous rights, LGBTQ2S+ inclusion, and the harmonious fusion of traditional Indigenous knowledge with allyship and unity to create access and acceptance for others.