Julie Ann Wriston

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Julie Ann Wriston

Manager Supply Chain Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

 Potash at Nutrien

Panel: Wednesday, May 4th (AM)

Indigenous Voices in Education, Justice and Economic Development: Learning from the Past to Shape the Future

Description: In this session, panelists will share their stories and insights into how our past will help shape the future.


Opportunity and hope are synonymous to Julie Ann Wriston. She has witnessed the impact that culturally relevant economic development has on regions, communities, and individuals. With a passion for Indigenous engagement and community economic development, Julie Ann has worked throughout Saskatchewan and beyond creating, planning for and connecting good businesses that contribute to economic strength and prosperity.

Her background includes working with industry, communities, companies, and entrepreneurs to cultivate business growth and stimulate economic reconciliation. Julie Ann has worn many hats in this space that ranges from procurement, communications, consultation, human resources, governance, and executive level leadership. She currently leads Supply Chain Equity Diversity and Inclusion as a Manager with Nutrien’s Potash operations.

Julie Ann is a multi-term board member for a Crown corporation and volunteers in this capacity for various organizations in her community.  She is a graduate of the Institute of Corporate Directors with professional director certification (ICD.D), providing her with a depth of knowledge that supports setting the tone at the top in a good way.